I love voice acting in video games. Whereas on TV I generally play rather unlikable or pathetic characters, in games I have a lot more flexibility. Having said that most characters I’ve voiced are rather nasty including  The Fial Darg in Spellforce 3: Fallen God, both Nurgloth The Eternal & The Blightreaper in Vermintide 2, Xenon in Champions Legion and Ungrol Stoneheart in Total War: Warhammer Call of the Beastmen, but I also played the heroic Frank Fairburne in Strange Brigade, the dapper Robert Devereux in Astrologaster and Professor Lewis in Old Gods Rising, as well as a variety of characters in games such as Ancestors Legacy, Eve: Valkyrie or Elite Dangerous: Horizons.

Scrolling below are some companies I’ve worked with, then there’s my video game footage reel, and my interview showing behind the scenes on Strange Brigade plus other clips! (Credits available on IMDb)

You can find me on Discord as RichKeebleVoiceActor#0568 or you can join my server